Stepping up your look with a stylish pair of shoes could be the solution to all your fashion dilemmas.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is vital when trying to create the perfect ensemble. A seductive pair of stilettos can exude a sexy, sleek appearance while a ballerina flat can add that sweet, girl next door, adorable charm. It really all depends on what look you're going for and if it is practical for the event.

Sandals and flip flops are the perfect attire for the beach or a pool party. Havaianas for example are perfect. They're cute, trendy, and comfortable. Wearing wedges or heels to that type of laid back outdoor occasion can be over-kill and unnecessary. We love the comfort of flats, so when they are acceptable we usually opt to go for it. And as much as no one actually wants to see a man's toes, there are those circumstances where flip flops are necessary and a pedicure as well!

Another time when flats are actually required is while traveling. No one wants to look like a basket case while jet-setting around the world, however comfortable clothes and shoes can be just as dainty if you do it right. Flowy tops that can be worn off your shoulder are cute, with comfortable jeans, yoga pants or jeggings; they each can give the overall look of wearing a skinny jean, but with more comfort. Athleisure shoes, are athletic-inspired, trendy footwear meant for casual outings, are great for traveling. Ballerina flats or even a simple pair of Keds are great options. Finally tie it all together with some gold hoops and a long chain necklace and you're ready to fly.

Now for formal nights a cute pair of heels that goes with your outfit helps step it up to the next level. It's important to remember that just because it has a heel, doesn't mean it makes you look taller and slimmer, so it's important to pick them wisely especially if you're petite too. The first type of shoe that never looks good on anyone is a short kitten heel. They're not cute so you might as well wear flats instead of those stubby awful things. Another type of heel that has a way of making your legs look chunky is thick gladiator heels. There are some chic designs in this style, unfortunately they don't do us petite ladies justice; bf course that doesn't mean that the right girl can't pull them off. So if you feel like you can rock them, which in some occasions you can-- go for it! It just has to be done right. Heels with ankle straps are also unflattering for us shorties, the strap has a way of making us appear shorter unlike open-faced heels. A peep toe is also a cute option, and sling backs are good too. Tall boots over ankle boots are a more favorable choice. Also keep in mind that a good way to elongate your body is wearing similar colored pants and shoes, or even a monochromatic ensemble, it gives a continuous flow of color that is complimentary to us petite ladies.

As for a daytime event or an informal night out, wedges are a perfectly good option to wear and an added bonus is they are usually easier to walk in than say a pair of pumps. A new trend that I've never personally cared for are high-top sneakers. We've seen them worn by Hollywood starlets, but we're still not persuaded. To us they go in the same category as crocs, we have no desire to ever own a pair.

So enjoy indulging yourself while shopping for your next pair of shoes because as Marilyn Monroe says, 'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.'

This featured look is from Devidasi's first collection, the Chic Vacay Romper, worn with gold tipped slingback heels.

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