Necklines are often neglected when creating ensembles, but if you take them into consideration they are actually a key aspect to achieving fashion perfection. So being aware of what necklines are the most flattering is extremely important.


The crew neck or also known as rounded neckline is a classic look that suits all body types- busty, plus sized or even a short neck. It may seem like a simple neckline, but pairing it with an accent like a belt or a dazzling necklace can elevate your ensemble effortlessly. A scoop neck is deeper and also very versatile, it's good for when you want to show a little but not too much.

The cowl neckline is another look that pretty much suits everyone. It is a style that highlights the face and adds volume to your outfit. This look is great for someone with a long neck or someone who wants a dramatic style without having to accessorize with a necklace or just something small and simple will do.

Now one that you need to be more careful of is halter straps. They have the added benefit of giving the support you need to keep the girls is the right place, but women with bustier figures and bulkier arms should steer clear of using them. The halter neckline accents your arms, making you appear wider than you actually are. This neckline is best for women with hour glass figures. Strapless necklines are better because they don't highlight a woman's arms, however a cute crop top can always be thrown over and can help with that aspect.

A V-neckline can either be worn deep or shallow. Just the right amount of cleavage can be both sensual and playful, just don't overdo it or you'll come off looking cheap. A turtle neck frames your face and highlights it, wearing it with a simple pair of earrings and a long drape necklace is a good way to wear it stylishly. And a boat neckline is quite high, but can leave way for highlighting a beautiful statement necklace.

Some other necklines that always look good are square, off-shoulder or rather 'ballet', button-down and the sweetheart necklines. They each give off a very elegant look, and yet there is still something extremely sexy about each of them without showing too much. Every woman should have these basic style necklines to step up their fashion for the new year.

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