Looking good isn't always aimed towards comfort, which makes fashion a real pest at times.

However, there are ways to look chic and feel amazing without needing to suck in and squeeze into a sexy dress. The main objective is to go for ensembles that are loose like blousy tops and flowy dresses. They allow you to move freely without worrying about buttons popping because they flow comfortably on our bodies.

Being confident in our appearance is important, because if we are ashamed of our body or our clothing-- it can easily be seen on our faces and the way we carry ourselves. When something doesn't fit quite right, instead of standing tall we fidget around tugging and shifting our clothes. So finding an outfit that is both comfortable and cute is crucial to channeling our confidence.

A major contributor to comfortable fashion is light weight fabrics that have a slight stretch. This is important when choosing your skinny jeans, shorts or pants; most of the time you don't want to feel too restricted, so that stretch will make all the difference. Peplums are also a big help if sucking in your stomach is your main concern because it highlights your waist but then has that extra fabric hanging loosely over your stomach, and let's face it we all have those days-- it's simply one of the wonderful aspects of being a woman!

Wearing that chic yet comfortable ensemble only helps boosts your confidence, because you feel and look great, all the way from your head to your toes. Without trying you are exuding confidence in your appearance and people will sense and respond positively to those uplifting vibes.

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