As the celebration for the New Year has come to a close, it's important to keep our New Year’s resolutions in mind and start implementing them to start the year off right and with a bang!

So if you're like so many other people and your goal is to become more professional in hopes of achieving a promotion or a pay raise then it's important to dress the part as well. This is one of the first major changes you can undergo in hopes of changing your work attitude and the way your superiors envision you. Now this can be an easy task of using what you already have in your closet and perhaps buying a few new key pieces to complete your power driven look.

One of the first key pieces you most likely already have to use in your closet is a high waisted skirt. Now it's important that this isn't too short as it can also tend to be very sexy. Although it's acceptable and usually unavoidable to have a little sex appeal when aiming to look professional, you do not want to overdo it and come off as looking like you're headed to a club for drinks straight after work. High waisted skirts can look very polished if you pair them with a blazer, or perhaps a collared shirt with a blazer. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of collars, so a slightly embellished and unique type of collar is also a good choice.

Shoulder pads were big in the 80s and 90s but they have begun to make a comeback. There is something empowering about a woman in shoulder pads, it has a way of lengthening a woman's torso, so shoulder pads in a blazer or any blouse you use can definitely heighten your power look. An added bonus is big shoulders emphasize a smaller waist so embrace this wonderful attribute! It can be worn with tailored pants or even take it to the next level and wear an entire pant suit. The good thing about that is you can mismatch the pieces with other looks in your closet for more complete professional ensembles.

Now when completing your new look it is important to accessorize with things that fit the entire outfit. Some good ideas for this are wearing leather pumps. They always polish off an outfit for a good, clean finish. Another one would be wearing pearls. Whether it is stud pearl earrings or a simple pearl necklace, this always gives an elegant touch of class to any look you're making. Just remember it's important to keep your accessories simple and clean to maintain a professional appeal.

As for makeup tips it's important to have a clean and bright face, so less is more, so pairing that with a pop of color like red lipstick and perhaps square framed glasses and you've got that hot librarian look down to a T and are killing it, I might add. So try and adapt some or even all of these quick tricks to for power dressing this year, because if you look the part you desire, you're that much closer to getting there.

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