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Are you ready from head to toe?

This weekend is going to be filled with parties, booze and good friends! Honoring our beloved Sr. Santo Niño calls for a celebration indeed, and celebrations include looking and dressing the part! So is your wardrobe already ready? No sweat, here are a few tips that before heading out to the streets!


Weather at this time of the year can be a bit unpredictable- it could be scourging hot in the morning and then would become cloudy at the end of the day! This season is about all-things colorful, so get your snapbacks ready, or if you want to maintain your edgy side, opt for a bonnet instead. Be warned though- because of the crowd, expect to lose your things so be extra careful if you plan to wear your favorite headgear! Straw hats are also available for sale so if you don't want to risk losing your favorite hat, take part in the festivity (and the local economy) by buying straw hats for you and your friends.

fashion-2Sunglasses and Jewelry

Again, expect the possibility of losing your accessories because of the crowd. You can't help but get your party on so the sunglasses you're wearing can fall off and disappear forever (or get trampled on). So if sunglasses are really a wardrobe essential of yours, leave your Raybans or Oakleys at home and use those cheap-ass knock-offs for just Php 50. Skip wearing your expensive watches and jewelry and use colorful beaded bracelets and bright bangles. For earrings, don't wear any dangling or large earrings in order to avoid the risk of these getting tugged. Crowds get a bit rowdy especially when you're around alcohol.


Of course, we girls like to look our best despite the fact that our faces will be smeared with paint and beer at the end of the day. Even so, opt for lightweight face products such as powder or bb cream, don't skip sunscreen, and use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. For cheeks and lips, use your favorite lip and cheek tint or your favorite lipstick if you don't have any cheek tint at hand. Keep everything lightweight as possible.

Tops and Shirts

Your friends and favorite brands are selling shirts and tops this season so that's definitely up to you! If you don't want to stand out (in a bad way), leave your jackets and blazers at home. If you're comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops, go for it! And always remember, your white shirt will no longer be white at the end of the day.


This one's a no-brainer; wear your favorite shorts! Make sure they're comfy and fit well. It's the time to wear different colors and prints but if your shirt is already white and have bright designs, wear a solid color to balance everything out.


I can't stress this enough- avoid open shoes. Forget your sandals and slippers too. Make sure you're not wearing your Nikes either- expect your footwear to be muddy and drenched with paint at the end of the day. So use your old pair of trainers or cheap yet sturdy slip-ons. Broken glass and sharp objects can be everywhere so it's better to be safe than sorry.

I hope this has given you an idea on how to get ready for this season. Just have fun and don't forget why we're celebrating the Sinulog. And of course, party responsibly! Pit senyor!

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