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Starting off the New Year right by making a vast lifestyle change, like deciding to exercise isn’t always easy. 

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us going and what better encouragement than some new workout clothes? Designers are now making this more accessible so let's explore this new trend so we can utilize it as well. 

With fitness and health being such a trending fad nowadays, we are seeing major designers explore this niche. Ready-to-wear and active wear have never become so interwoven before.  The industry is filling this gap with more options for people who love fashion and fitness and want to look good every day. Being able to go to the gym and then straight out to a lunch with your girlfriends has never been easier. 

Looking put together, not only for the appearance but for the function as well is super important. Feeling comfortable and cute is now a main objective so designers are truly embracing this new outlook. Over the past two to three years the growth of athletic companies has consistently outpaced the growth of traditional apparel companies so as a means to blur this contrast, designers have become more versatile. Major designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Chloe, and Cynthia Rowley have created lines that are 'haute casual' to appeal to this growing demographic, which in-turn appeals to the 'accessible luxury concept'. They are now creating their product to fit a wider variety of everyday women which makes them more relevant and last through economic slumps because they are more practical compared to the mere luxury items they used to carry. 

This day in age, people are very busy so the more we can make clothing work for different activities, the less of a hassle it is. What happens is a lot of the time their gym time begins to bleed into their time for other every day activities, so why not wear fashionable trendy active wear that carries you from one activity seamlessly to the next? People are hustling everyday as they are on the search for better bargains to get more bang for their buck. So if mixing a piece of active wear with some more fashionable items is the trick, then we should embrace that and try to follow this new trend. Like wearing a pair of yoga pants with heels and a tailored blazer is now considered trendy and fashionable. 

So for this new year when we go shopping we should focus more on wearing versatile active wear because aside from being a part of this super cute fashion trend, it is a healthy lifestyle change we should all begin to embrace. If our clothing permits us to move around more freely and get some extra movement and exercise in at any time of the day, then we will definitely shed some unwanted pounds this year! 

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