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While society's outlook on fashion is constantly evolving and adapting, we find ourselves striving to keep up with all the latest trends while still trying to remain on a tight budget.

Revamp your wardrobe and add some personality to your style. Mix-and-matching pieces in your closet could give you all the variety you’re looking for. The key to getting the most use out of your wardrobe is investing in a handful of neutral base pieces that are highly versatile like a white or black skirt, a tan blazer, or tailored dark pants. These pieces will get the most use as they are the foundation of every outfit you create. From this you can pick accent pieces that match your base.

Example of base pieces:


2016-01-21-fashion-2Tailored Pants


2016-01-21-fashion-4Separate Blazers


A very common base piece everyone has in their closet is a pair of jeans. This is something that goes with almost everything so it can be worn with tons of different tops and styles. It's important to have a pair of favorite jeans that you can rely on because this can save your life when you're having troubles finding something to wear.

The next piece to focus on for a complete ensemble is the accent piece. These are typically your blouses, cardigans, and layering pieces that you can wear underneath your suits, jackets and cardigans. Like your base pieces you need to have a variety of accent pieces which should be a mix of colors, prints, and neutrals. It is best to have a wide variety of colors so your look noticeably changes from day to day. And having a good variety of layering pieces is crucial to a versatile wardrobe. Tanks paired with blazers and cardigans will be your go-to outfit for work.

Examples of accent pieces:


2016-01-21-fashion-7Cardigans and Knits

2016-01-21-fashion-8Colored Tanks

The final step in completing your outfit is referred to as the pop pieces. These are your purses, scarves, shoes, jewelry and belts. Keep in mind some ultra-versatile pop pieces everyone should own are gold and silver pieces, however these pieces can also be in a variety of colors, tones, and patterns, as long as each of these parts are cohesive and the color tones match your ensemble you will be able to create a pretty extensive variety of outfits. So next time you're shopping and creating a look reflect and build on this as your basic framework for effectively using your entire wardrobe. 

Examples of pop pieces:


2016-01-21-fashion-10Hand Bags




Examples of mix-and-match ensembles:


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