Bringing out your inner diva isn’t always as effortless as it seems.

Keeping up with the constant change of trends can be quite the task itself. We are here to make sure you get the latest hype on everything fashion.

With the runway being our guide to the latest looks and designs, we are seeing a significant display of silky slip numbers this season. A fad of the 90’s has made its way back and designers showcased them beautifully constructed with layered chiffon, lace and ruching. SS’16 is bringing us elevated pajamas as daywear and we love how versatile this outfit is. Want to be the town’s trendsetter? Then make sure you’re caught in a slinky satin dress this Valentines and show everyone you’ve stepped up your fashion game with this sexy silhouette.




Sensual fashions seem to be the new craze and bare shoulders definitely go in this category. Shoulder cutouts cascaded down the catwalk as we saw it transform into various styles. From t-shirts to gowns this trend works on it all, so just remember if a silky slip isn’t the look you’re going for this Valentines, then show it off without showing too much with a shoulder cutout.




Makeup and fashion is always a girl’s best friend and both go hand in hand to create the perfect look. When putting together a flawless ensemble you have to consider all aspects that come into play and makeup is a major feature. We saw heaps of models parade down the runway with colorful two-toned eye shadows and bold, highlighted lip colors that were slightly matted to give a velvety finish. If bringing underwear to outwear isn’t sensational enough for you then polish off your Valentines getup with these sexy makeup trends and enhance your look.




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