With Valentine's Day being celebrated this weekend, it's time to think hard and get some good ensembles together for your Valentine's Day and night celebrations.

So let's hope our dashing dates give this much thought into the gifts they'll be giving because if they failed at Christmas, now is the time to really make it up! So to really sweeten the deal, we should look flawless and on point for this year's lover's celebration.


Valentine's is synonymous with hearts, that's why wearing hearts on your outfit is the most popular thing to wear, and rightfully so. You can incorporate hearts in many ways; find a heart pattern blouse, pants, or skirt, or even your accessories and nail designs. Pink, red and blush are the top colors to wear for the holiday so simply rocking a combination of those instead of hearts is more than enough to prove that you're feeling this holiday and not at all boycotting it like the broken hearted or forever single anti-valentine's crowd.


Today is the day to break out your big bright firey red heels or boots because it is entirely appropriate for this special day. Pairing them with a brightly colored hand bag, nail art, and lipstick will really display your love for love. So bust out your romantic ruffles and wear them with confidence because flirty is the look you should aim for this Valentines. Ruffles can look and feel very overwhelming at times, but this holiday is definitely not the time to worry about that. Be flashy and feminine to grab the attention you deserve from your lover. And if you're having a hard time with hearts other symbols that are relevant for ensemble ideas are lips, roses, and flowers. Anything combined with the holiday's color palette is on fleek!


And if you're into changing up your nail designs this is the perfect time to go a little crazy with Valentines and do something that is sugary sweet and simply splendid. There are so many ideas to choose from, you could choose a super simple design to display the color combinations of the holiday or get more intricate and truly show off your mood for celebrating love. So pop into your local nail shop and give these talented artists a canvas to work their magic on and enjoy your day of celebrating love and all things positive because love makes the world go round!


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