Gossip: - KATY PERRY

  • Most people already know that Katy Perry is set to marry actor Orlando Bloom this year. The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day and reports say that they wanted to get the marriage started soon rather than later as they already badly want to raise a family. Another source said they “both want kids together and will prioritize this”. This week, as reported by several tabloid magazines including People, Katy Perry is rumored to be pregnant already. But a source close to the singer denied this by saying “a rumor is a rumor. It’s not true”.

Fearless Forecast: “I Remember” by Betty Who

  • Betty Who is a fairly new artist on the scene. The 27-year old American pop singer released her debut in 2012 but didn’t shoot up until her 2019 single “I Remember”.  According to Betty, this song is her “ode to love” and is dedicated to her partner, saying “nobody loves me like you do”.

#1: “Thick and Thin” by LANY

  • The third single off the band’s wildly successful album “Malibu Nights”, “THICK AND THIN” is another LANY synth-driven heartbreak song that pulls at all the heartstrings. Lead singer Paul Klein said is about the “promises we make to one another and how those promises do not always coincide with the way our emotions change”.