Jonas Blue, with the help of his friends singers Liam Payne and Lennon Stella spends a second week atop the Weekend Top 20 with their picture-perfect  hit, Polaroid. You can read about that catchy R&B track as well as other hits from last weekend below.

Knocker:How You Love Me” by Hardwell ft. Snoop Dogg & Conor Maynard

  • How You Love Me” is the latest track by Dutch DJ Hardwell who recently retired from the decks to focus more on the studio. He invited rapper Snoop Dogg to rap a verse on the track alongside his frequent dance-pop collaborator Conor Mayward to deliver his best love-struck croon.

Debut:these are my friends” by lovelytheband

  • Mitchy Collins, the lead singer of the band described the song as a “sing along for the soul when things get rough”. Collins elaborated that the track is about his friends’ support of him and the way we can always rely on our friends especially when we go through hardships.

Debut:Thick and Thin” by LANY

  • The third single off their album Malibu Nights, “Thick and Thin” describes the feeling of confusion after a breakup. To LANY lead singer Paul Klein, this relationship was such a solid testimony of love and commitment, he was at the point where he could envision being her long-life partner. However, thanks to an argument and their resulting change of heart, Klein no longer can believe so strongly in their future.

Gossip – SAM SMITH

  • Sam Smith seems to be enjoying a quiet time off social media this year since he’s busy prepping a tour in South America this March then Africa on April. The few times he posted something online were to promote his new song “Dancing with a Stranger” and to thank everyone for getting his 2017 music video for “Too Good at Goodbyes” one billion views on YouTube.

Fearless Forecast:Swan Song” by Dua Lipa

  • Grammy-award winning artist Dua Lipa recently shared the meaning of the song “Swan Song” which was released as part of the soundtrack for the sci-fi movie Alita: Battle Angel. On the track Dua opens up about the fight for justice by comparing it to the character of Alita and to the real life struggles of activist groups around the world.

#1 – “Polaroid” by Jonas Blue ft. Lennon Stella & Liam Payne

  • With the help of his friends, Liam Payne and Lennon Stella, English DJ Jonas Blue created one of the most catchy R&B pop hits this year with “Polaroid”. The song tells the story of a chance encounter between strangers who fall in love after taking a Polaroid picture together.