This week on the Weekly Top 20, producer Marshmello and singer-songwriter Anne-Marie spend a second week atop the charts with their “friend-zone” anthem “FRIENDS”. Meanwhile three new songs debut and those are the sushi-loving rappers’ Preme and Post Malone’s “Jackie Chan”, the late Avicii’s new hit single “Heaven”, and the promising new artist Noah Kahan’s “Hurt Somebody”. Find out the meaning behind their songs below.

New Light” by John Mayer

  • New Light”, which is rumored to be part one of a multi-series of songs called the “Night” series, is John Mayer’s first single since last year. Lyrically it is about Mayer, who is already 40 years old by the way, convincing his love interest to reconsider him.

Hurt Somebody” by Noah Kahan

  • Hurt Somebody'”, according to Noah himself, is about the “paralyzing fear of not being able to [get free]”. Noah understands the pain of ending relationships and in this song he illuminates the “inner dialogue of trying to stomach the weight of that decision.

Heaven” by Avicii feat. Simon Aldred (vocals)

  • Back in March 2015, Avicii planned to release a new single that featured vocals and lyric contributions from Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Avicii reworked the track and the vocals were later resung by singer Simon Aldred.  When Avicii passed away back in April this year, the song, which was titled “Heaven”  was released posthumously along with a song-writing credit for Chris Martin. The song is basically about a beaten up DJ who feels euphoric every time he plays music on stage.

Jackie Chan” by Tiësto & Dzeko feat. Preme & Post Malone

  • Jackie Chan” is a hip-hop/trap song by rappers Preme and Post Malone about everybody’s love for sushi regardless of age. Dutch producer Tiesto and Canadian producer Dzeko teamed up and remixed the song and gave it an EDM flavor.


  • Sabrina Carpenter was recently interviewed in Hero magazine where she opened up about her experiences acting in the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World”. The 19-year old actress turned pop singer said that she was surprised by how the show had impacted her own life and how her performance had also affected many teenage viewers’ lives “in amazing ways”. In the show, Carpenter played Maya Hart, a supporting character who assists her best friend in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. The show ended last year which gave Carpenter an opportunity to work on her music career.

#1 “Friends” by Marshmello & Anne-Marie

  • Anne-Marie has said that this song could ultimately be the “friend-zone anthem” because, as she said on Genius, no song has ever been this blatantly direct before. “Like if you're trying to put someone in the friend zone, you can send them this song. And then everything will be sweet”, she said. “Friends”, written by Anne-Marie and produced by Marshmello is number one on the Weekly Top 20  this week for a second week in a row.