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Halsey remains at number one on this week’s Weekly Top 20. She spends a second week atop the charts with her Shakespeare-inspired tragedy “Alone”. Meanwhile Cardi B with the help of J Balvin and Bad Bunny, Latin music’s best artists working right now, the song I Like It debuts and is expected to climb up fast. John Legend also debuts with his own summer song, A Good Night. Check out facts about these hits below.

2002” by Anne-Marie

  • In the song “2002,” Anne-Marie reminisces about falling in love and all the songs that soundtracked that romance.

A Good Night” by John Legend

  • A Good Night” is a song about meeting your potential soulmate. John Legend says he wrote this song “to give people something to party to and feel good to” in the upcoming Summer in the U.S.

I Like It” by Cardi B (with Bad Bunny & J Balvin)

  • Featuring Latin grooves, an energetic horn section, and an infectious trap beat, “I Like It” sees Cardi B explaining what she likes while also flaunting her Latin heritage. The song features other Latin artists like Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin.

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#1 “Alone” by Halsey

  • In this song, Halsey continues the doomed love story of “Romeo and Juliet”, by admitting during a house party that she is a socialite with a dark side. The lyrical narrative of this song is parallel to the masquerade ball scene in the Shakespearean play. Halsey, like Juliet, discourages her pursuer at the party, warning him of the inevitable hurt when the relationship breaks down.