wt20 fonzy 1

The Wonggoys remain at number one this week while another local act, Fonzy, debuts at number 19. This has been the most local artists in a single week of the Weekly Top 20 in its entire history. Three Cebuano artists; The Wonggoys, Fonzy, and Icy (who has a featuring credit in “Cool2gether”), all join the ranks of Halsey, Zedd, Drake, David Guetta, and Taylor Swift in this week’s chart. Take a look at some interesting facts about this week’s hits.

Friends” by Marshmello & Anne-Marie

  • This is the first collab between American producer Marshmello and British singer Anne-Marie. This song is about “friend-zoning” someone who just can’t get a hint. (“Friend-zone” is a term used when people claim they “only like you as a friend”.)

Cool2gether” by Fonzy

  • This is a song written and produced by Fonzy, whose real name is Tony Alfonso. If you didn’t know, Tony was the vocalist and guitarist of Cebu’s pop punk outfit, Drop Decay. He decided to experiment with electronic music and “detach from the things [he] grew up comfortable with” so that he could grow more as an artist.

Capital Letters” by Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop

  • The opening track to the movie Fifty Shades Freed, “Capital Letters” is a song about the power of love, which is compared to the strong emphasis of capital letters.



  • It has been a bad week for Halsey and her boyfriend rapper G-Eazy. Last Wednesday, while partying in Sweden, G-Eazy was arrested for assault. The rapper was drunk and got into a physical altercation with several security guards. Meanwhile Halsey was reportedly “hit” by one of the guards. To add fuel to the fire, police discovered that G-Eazy was carrying cocaine in his pocket.

#1 “Wa’y ‘Blema” by Wonggoys

  • With Wa’y ‘Blema, the Wonggoys became the first ever local act to top the Weekly Top 20 in its entire history.