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This week on the Weekly Top 20, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd spends another week on top of the charts with their Black Panther track “Pray For Me”. Meanwhile three new songs debut. The electro-duo Maria Hill enters the chart with their new song Subtle Thing, their first ever music since 2016’s “Down”. Afrojack also comes in with his Valentine’s Day song “Bed of Roses”. Another song that debuted in the charts is Lil Dicky’s hilarious “Freaky Friday”. Read all about these songs below.

Alone” by Halsey ft. Big Sean & Stefflon Don

  • This is a remix of the original Halsey song, this time with additional verses from rappers Big Sean and Stefflon Don. First released on Halsey’s 2017 album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom”, this song is about the unhappiness or sadness that comes with being famous.

Subtle Thing” by Marian Hill

  • The psychedelic music video to this song, which we have posted on our website, features the duo Jeremy Lloyd and Sam Gongol entering an empty bookstore with a mysterious television that introduces them to an alternate version of themselves. Things get weird when the two realities merge and the screen morphs out of control.

Bed of Roses” by Afrojack ft. Stanaj

  • This electropop hit was first released on Valentine’s Day this year. It features the vocals of up-and-coming singer Stanaj who, in this song, brings a soft love-struck vocal that’ll have you falling in love, whether you’re ready or not.

Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown

  • This song is inspired by the movie “Freaky Friday”, a fantasy comedy film about a daughter and mother whose bodies are switched and both experience each other’s lives. In this WT20 song, Lil Dicky, a not so famous rapper, unexpectedly switches body with Chris Brown. Dicky takes advantage of his new body while Chris Brown (in the body of Lil Dicky) searches for his.

GOSSIP = 3 0    S E C O N D S    T O M A R S

  • Just like 5 Seconds of Summer, 30 Seconds to Mars is currently on their own world tour to promote their new album titled “America”. The band is in Europe and is set to perform in Stockholm, Sweden tomorrow then in Oslo, Norway the next day. Their new album America contains the WT20 hit “Dangerous Night”.

#1 “Pray For Me” by The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar

  • According to Pitchfork’s review of this song, ‘Pray for Me’ is the “Disneyfication” of Kendrick Lamar’s style of hip-hop and poetry. According to Pitchfork, in the song Kendrick Lamar offers up all of the superhero clichés like “individual against the world and sacrifice for the greater good”. A song fits for a box office movie like “Black Panther”.