WT20 hit is about “relationships in the digital age”Image Source: mtv.co.uk

The Weekly Top 20 is here! Two new songs debut on the chart and one new knocker is sure to enter real soon. ‘Saved’ by Khalid is number one for the second week while Cassie and G-Eazy's Love a Loser is climbing up. Also around the chart is LANY’s Good Girls who rose from number 6 to 4. While Maroon 5’s Lips on You is dropping off the chart from number 12 to 20. Keep reading below to hear more about our hits this week.


Home’ by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, & Bebe Rexha

  • “Home” is a collaboration between rapper Machine Gun Kelly, pop singer Bebe Rexha, and rock band X Ambassadors. The song was first previewed in the trailer for the 2017 Netflix sci-fi movie Bright starring Will Smith. The song appears on its accompanying soundtrack.


Dirty Sexy Money’ by David Guetta & Afrojack ft. Charli XCX & French Montana

  • Dirty Sexy Money’ is the newest EDM banger by producers David Guetta & Afrojack both of whom previously worked together with the 2014 smash hit “Hey Mama” featuring Nicki Minaj & Bebe Rexha. This song (Dirty Sexy Money) is about yearning for love and knowing that getting comes with a price.

‘Miss You’ by Louis Tomlinson

  • ‘Miss You’ was inspired by the moment in Louis Tomlinson’s life “when he we going out partying every night”. He said that throughout that time, he was pretty numb and that the only thing he thought about was how much he misses his girl.


  • Early this week, Taylor Swift sent her newly-wed fans some flowers on their Wedding Day after she discovered that she unknowingly played a special part in the proposal. According to E! News, Brittany Lewis proposed to Alexas Gonzales by kneeling down on one knee and said ”So I talked to your dad, now it's time to pick out a white dress...will you marry me?'" The line was, of course, a reference to Taylor Swift’s 2009 hit track "Love Story."  After hearing of this news, Taylor Swift sent out a lovely bouquet of flowers congratulating the couple.

#1 ‘Saved’ by Khalid

  • Now on its second week at number one, ‘Saved’ by Khalid is a song about relationships in the digital age. Khalid says long-distance relationships are still tricky, even though we have the technology to talk with one another through video calls, nothing beats the feeling when you’re actually next to each other.