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This week on the Weekly Top 20, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce still reigns the top of the charts with their Perfect Duet. Meanwhile, LANY and Liam Payne debut. Charli  XCX also debut her new song that samples a very familiar 80’s tune. Can you guess what song it is? Scroll down to know.

Homemade Dynamite (Remix)’ by Lorde ft. SZA, Post Malone & Khalid

  • The original “Homemade Dynamite” was about finding a relationship in a party, and the remix (featuring SZA, Post Malone & Khalid) continues the trend. Khalid’s and Post Malone’s verses are about getting to know someone at a party while intoxicated, while SZA’s verse is about getting drunk and stealing someone else’s lover.

Good Girls’ by LANY


  • “Good Girls” is about the disappointment of drifting away from a girl while you are apart from her. Back in March, the song was featured on a worldwide available Snapchat lense which brought more attention to it. It was not part of LANY’s promotion and their manager confirmed that they didn’t pay for the exposure. The lense was eventually removed three days later.

Bedroom Floor’ by Liam Payne


  • Liam Payne co-wrote this bouncy, raunchy song with singer Charlie Puth, and other songwriters who have written other hits for other pop stars. Charlie Puth recalled writing the song to Billboard. He said he “pictured a leprechaun would sing the song” because there was a Lucky Charm cereal in the room when he wrote it with Liam Payne.

‘Babygirl’ by Charli XCX ft. Uffie


  • In this song, Charli XCX entertains you, the listener, with a sexually-charged fantasy. For those people who lived through the 80’s, you would notice that Charli XCX sampled the synth hook from Al Etto’s ‘Hold on to Love’, an underrated synth-pop tune from 1984.

GOSSIP: - Portugal. The Man

Yesterday, the official Portugal. The Man Twitter handle revealed that their song ‘Feel it Still’ has now just been certified Triple Platinum in Canada. Feel it Still has also been certified platinum in countries like the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, and Australia.

Perfect Duet’ by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé

  • There is also a third version to Perfect that Ed Sheeran released last month. That version is an orchestrated duet with opera superstar Andrea Bocelli. Sheeran's brother, classical composer Matthew Sheeran, arranged the remake and the two Sheeran brothers mutually decided to invite the Italian tenor to sing on the project.  Sheeran also tackled Italian for the new rendition of the song.