Khalid’s Saved songfacts

This week on Y101’s Weekly Top 20, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce tops the charts. Sheeran’s waltz ballad tops the charts around the world as well. According to the singer, he wrote the song for his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Khalid debut their songs on the charts as well. You can hear their songs and what they mean below.


Good Girls by LANY

  • Good Girls is about the disappointment of drifting away from a girl whilst apart from her. This song was first announced back in February along with news of LANY’s debut album through a video on Twitter.


Love a Loser by Cassie

  • Over four years after releasing her mixtape RockaByeBaby, Cassie finally shared new music back in July. The first song she released in 4 years was this song. Love a Loser features a verse by rapper G-Eazy. The version with this feature was digitally released back in August.

Saved by Khalid

  • According to Khalid himself, this song was about a relationship he had in El Paso, Texas. His moving to New York put stress on the relationship. He said; “She had to find herself. I had to find myself. But at the same time, we always let each other know” that we’ll be there for each other when necessary. “That’s why I had her number saved.” Khalid said “It was a sense of comfort, just by having her number. I still have her number to this day.


  • A few weeks ago, The Guardian released a piece revealing that Dua Lipa became the most streamed woman in 2017. “Her smash hit New Rules gave relationship advice to an army of young women, making her more popular than Beyoncé and Rihanna – and her carefully nurtured rise could change the music industry for good”, the article said. Meanwhile, her Twitter fan page announced that the music video for New Rules is expected to hit 1 billion views on YouTube this Valentine’s Day. It currently has 800 million views as of this moment.

#1:  Perfect by Ed Sheeran ft. Beyonce

  • Ed Sheeran wrote this waltz-time love song for his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, who is an old school friend. After writing it he had no idea whether or not she really likes the track. "I just recorded it and sent it because she was living in New York at the time so I didn't see her reaction." Sheeran later revealed that Cherry did liked the track and said "It’s a good'un (good one)."