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Meanwhile, French Montana has a new song that is expected to climb higher next week.

This week on Y101’s Weekly Top 20, DJ Khaled’s all-star I’m the One becomes the number one hit for the second week. Meanwhile, Kygo and Ellie Goulding’s first collab debuts on the chart alongside newcomer Anne-Marie’s paranoid hit. Check out some quick facts and meanings about the lines in these hits below.


“First Time” by Kygo ft. Ellie Goulding

  • The song is a nostalgic track reminiscing young love. However it is not of the romantic type. When we hear the first line “We were lovers for the first time”, we instantly think of a couple, but the song is actually referring the relationship of two siblings who used to be best friends.
  • In the chorus you can hear the line, “Re: Stacks on the playback”.  That line refers to the 2007 song “Re: Stacks” by indie folk artist Bon Iver. The theme of First Time relates well to “Re: Stacks,” which is also about reminiscing the people we lost.

“Alarm” by Anne-Marie

  • According to the singer, the song is about somebody she used to date and whom she always had a suspicion on for having done “something naughty.”
  • The line “I should've known a cheat stays a cheater. So here we are” is a reference to the fact that the guy (whom the song is about) cheated on a woman just to be with Anne-Marie. Now, Anne-Marie is suspecting the guy might cheat again.


“Unforgettable” by French Montana ft. Swae Lee

  • In honor of his birthday last November, rapper French Montana shared  “Unforgettable” on Instagram for the first time. However the song was deleted not soon after. About 5 months later, the song was re-mixed, mastered and released as an official single, with a few changes that include Swae Lee replacing Jeremih’s feature on the song.
  • The line “I had enough convo for 24” in the chorus has two meanings. It could refer to Swae thinking he has enough to chat about to this girl for a full day (24 hours). Or that he could have enough to chat about this year – since Swae will be turning 24 years old this month.

#1 “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne

  • In the beginning of the song you can hear, “We the Best Music. Another One” – that is DJ Khaled’s  trademark catchphrases. “We the Best Music Group” is the record label Khaled founded in 2008, and “Another One” is his long-standing way of announcing that he has another hit on his hands.
  • In Chance the Rapper’s verse, you can hear the line “She beat her face up with that new Chanel”. If you think that line means the woman worked hard putting on her make-up, then you’re wrong. “Beat face” is actually a beauty industry phrase used to describe perfectly done makeup, not how hard you put it.


Zara Larsson has inadvertently created a meme recently. Back in 2015, she posted a picture of a male model on Twitter and captioned it with, “Who are you? Where do you live? How old are you? Why are you so fine? How do you like your eggs cooked in the morning”. Two years later, it was discovered that Larsson did eventually meet the model she talked about and now they are rumored to be dating. This has prompted people on the internet to give Larsson's little catchphrase a try.

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