Ariana Grande’s Mom Fangirls to Dangerous Woman

Ariana’s new album will be released in May and her mom is one of the first people to hear it. Her reaction is adorably hilarious.

22-year old pop superstar Ariana Grande posted a video on Instagram featuring her rad mom Joan Grande reacting to her new album not out until May.

Ariana Grande’s Mom Fangirls to Dangerous Woman

Seen on the car driving with Ari, Joan drives while Dangerous Woman plays on the car stereo. Joan reacted to her daughter’s latest album as any proud mom would: by screaming and almost throwing up.

Who’s heard that? Has anyone heard that version? I’m not kidding! -- that’s the best song I’ve ever heard

Ariana can be heard laughing in the background and when asked by her biggest fan in the car if others have been lucky enough to listen to the new music, the star replied “no”. Fans have another month to wait.

The singer later reposted to Twitter and said “she's actually going to murder me for reposting that but it's the funniest sh-t I've ever seen sorry mama love you

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