Mike Posner 3Photo: pedestrian.tv

Mike Posner was reportedly rushed to hospital on Wednesday after he was bitten by a rattlesnake. The singer was hiking from Kansas to Colorado when the snake attacked him, forcing paramedics to urgently rescue him in a helicopter. 

According to US Forest Service statistics, only one in 600 rattlesnake bites lead to death, meaning Posner’s chances to full recovery are high.

The 31-year-old shared an update with fans over Instagram, letting them know they didn’t need to worry. “That venom is no joke! I got to the hospital and got the anti-venom in time. Shout outs to G and Mike from the chopper team and Bo and Cassie and Whitney (my nurses).

I’ll be here a few days and will not be able to walk for several weeks but enjoying the AC and the nice bed, haven’t had those in a while Hahahaha!

Hours later he posted a video from the hospital, which showed him lying on a gurney while paramedics wheeled him through the ward.

Posner had set himself the challenge of hiking across the US when the accident happened.

He started off in New Jersey back in April and planned to reach sunny California by September.