US Reality TV star Kim Kardashian took to Twitter and announced that she is going to change the name of her new brand venture after causing an online uproar and drawing accusations of cultural appropriation.

The celebrity, married to mogul and rapper Kanye West, faced backlash on the internet last week when she detailed plans for a new product — a shapewear line similar to the popular Spanx called “Kimono,” which is meant to be worn under other garments. The brand ,apparently ,was already in the works of being launched soon with teasers in Kardashian’s social media accounts and has been in production for the past year.

Kardashian said West designed the logo for the brand.

However, Kardashian’s use of the term of a traditional Japanese garment for her line of form-fitting body suits didn’t go over well with many people. #KimOhNo started trending on Twitter.

It is reported that Kardashian also applied for trademarks for her Kimono line, including variations on the name “kimono” and bought the domain rights to, irking even more people online

Even the mayor of Japan’s former capital city Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, posted a letter to Kardashian on his Facebook page, saying, “I am writing this letter to convey our thoughts on Kimono and ask you to re-consider your decision of using the name Kimono in your trademark.

The traditional kimono is a style of formal Japanese dress worn for special occasions including weddings, funerals and tea ceremonies.