Chris Evans wins “Gentleman of the Night” at the Oscars 2019

The “Captain America” actor helped Regina King climb onstage proving that chivalry isn’t dead.

Chris Evans won people’s hearts for acting like a true gentleman at the ceremony. Evans who was seated next to Regina King, offered his arm when the actress almost lost her balance on her way to accept her first Oscar – Best Supporting Actress for the movie “If Beale Street Could Talk”. After Captain America rescued Regina King from a potential fall, he escorted her onstage. A true gentleman!

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s undeniable chemistry

The internet was set ablaze after Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed a steamy duet onstage with their intimate performance of “Shallow”, a song which was nominated then later won the award for Best Original Song. The pair had an undeniable chemistry singing the “A Star Is Born” hit that it sparked a rumor that Gaga and Cooper might be a little too close off-set.