hall 2019

Since 1986, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has recognized the best-known and most influential artists who have had major influence on the development of rock and roll. This year the foundation has revealed its Class of 2019 inductees which you can read below.

The Cure

One of the rhythm crew’s favorite post-punk acts, The Cure single handedly popularized goth-style rock which would permeate for most of the 80’s. The band is known for their dark imagery, gothic themes, and aesthetic that features black hair, messy make-up and funeral clothes. The Cure is the O.G. emo band with songs such as Pictures of You and Boys Don’t Cry soundtracking the lives of many sad teenagers of different generations.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard is responsible for igniting the 1980’s reign of heavy metal music and making it commercially viable. Their anthemic hooks, melodic but powerful guitars, larger-than-life drum sounds, and sexy glam rock swagger created the ultimate stadium experience. They are considered to be the band that set the stage of metal’s domination of arenas, airwaves, and television in the 80’s.

Janet Jackson

The youngest member of the Jackson family, Janet Jackson has built a career so groundbreaking that she’s immediately identifiable on a first-name basis. She explored social issues, themes of empowerment and self-confidence, and influenced generations with her stylized music videos and innovative choreography.

Stevie Nicks

Rock and roll’s mystic poet, Stevie Nicks has the unmistakable voice that dominated rock. Nicks brought velvet and chiffon silks into the leather-and-denim world of rock, infusing sounds she admired from acid rockers and Californian singer-songwriters with a hint of black magic.


Radiohead started a sonic revolution with their innovative records like OK Computer and Kid A and even recently with A Moon Shaped Pool. The band began as a punk-alternative rock outfit in the 90’s, then at the turn of the new millennium, started experimenting with complex sounds. Their dramatic change in style incorporated influences from experimental electronic music, 20th century classical music, krautrock and jazz.

Roxy Music

Roxy Music added elements of modern fashion, cinema, art, and the avant-garde into rock and roll, and pushed listeners’ perceptions about the essence of pop music. An experiment that envisioned the future of rock and roll and, in doing so, changed the course of music.

The Zombies

The Zombies are the 1960’s band that is inventive, lush, and timeless. They are psychedelic pop at its best. Their innovative arrangements, and impeccable musicianship made the Zombies one of the most admired and influential groups of the 60’s. Their songs such as “She’s Not There” or “Time of the Season” have swept away fans for many years, inspiring decades of allegiance or even the impulse to pick up an instrument and play.