miles morales

2018 is about to close and there’s still so much good movies to see. Here are the ones you shouldn’t even dare miss.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
(release date: December 12)

There has been three versions of Peter Parker/Spiderman on the silver screen but we’ve never seen Miles Morales, the Afro-Latino teenager who takes on the role of Spiderman after Parker’s death. In this animated film, produced by the Lego Movie and Jump Street’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller, New York City gets a visually experimental make-over. Their film tells the classic comic book story of Spider-Man crossing over parallel dimensions and teaming up with other Spidermen, to stop a threat to all reality.

(release date: December 13)

It is Aquaman’s turn to have his own solo film. After appearing in DC’s “Justice League” movie released last year, the undersea superhero, the kind that talks to fish, finally gets his origin film. The child of a human and an Atlantean, he’s caught between the sides of his heritage when surface-dwellers and his underwater kingdom go to war.

(release date: 3rd week of December worldwide)

After directing 5 “Transformer” movies, Michael Bay finally passes on the torch to somebody else. This time it’s Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) who’s at the director’s chair creating a charming adaptation of the behemoth alien robot franchise. In this new spin-off film, which also acts as a prequel to 2007’s “Transformers”, an 18 year old girl discovers a battle-scarred and broken Autobot named Bumblebee in a junkyard.

Mary Poppins Returns
(release date: 4th week of December worldwide)

After 54 years, Mary Poppins finally returns as part of Disney’s latest efforts to remake, reimagine, or reintroduce classic films from their library. A direct sequel to 1964’s “Mary Poppins”, the magical nanny originally played by Julie Andrews and now played by Emily Blunt, returns to Cherry Tree Lane to teach timely lessons to the children of the now grown-up Michael Banks. “Mary Poppins Returns” opens in theaters worldwide on the fourth week of December, however, it will not be released in the Philippines until January 8.