6 months from now, we will finally see what happens with our favorite superheroes who bit the dust during the ending of “Avengers: Infinity War”.  The yet untitled film, which people are currently calling “Avengers 4”, will be directed by the same guys who did the last movie, brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. In a recent live-streamed Q&A, Joe Russo revealed the runtime of the sequel. He says at this time of post-production, “Avengers 4” clocks in at 3 hours, making it the longest movie in Marvel history.

That however could change in the following month as studios usually avoid lengthy movies that exceed 2 hours. To put it simply, the shorter the movie, the more showtimes theaters can squeeze into a single day, and the more money a movie can potentially earn.

Somewhere else in the livestream, the Russo’s were asked if the stakes will be higher in Avengers 4. To which, Joe replied, “100 percent. The highest of any of the films to date, without question.”