rock and roll fame

Established in 1983, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio recognizes and archives the history of musical artists who have had some major influence on the development of rock and roll. To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first commercial recording at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination.

This year the nominees are Janet Jackson, Kraftwerk, LL Cool J, MC5, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, The Cure, and The Zombies. The English glam metal band Def Leppard along with Devo, John Prine, Roxy Music, Stevie Nicks and Todd Rundgren are also nominated this year. This six artists are on the ballot for the first time.

You can vote for five of this year’s nominees. Only five will be inducted and the Inductees will be announced in December 2018. Last year the inductees were Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straits, The Moody Blues and Nina Simone.