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On August 31, 2018 Eminem shocked everybody by unexpectedly dropping an album called Kamikaze unannounced. It was the rapper’s response to all the negative comments made against his previous record, Revival, and at the critics’ opinion of the quality of his recent music. When Kamikaze was released, it generated a lot of buzz including a few controversies for its many disses. Eminem used homophobic slur towards Tyler, the Creator who last year made a comment that Em’s single Walk on Water was “horrible”. And on “Not Alike”, the 8th track off Kamikaze, Eminem dissed rapper Machine Gun Kelly for subliminally dissing him on a Tech N9ne song.

This ignited a subsequent back and forth of diss tracks from each rapper. MGK responded to “Not Alike” with his own diss track called “Rap Devil” released three days after Eminem dropped “Kamikaze”. In response to “Rap Devil’, Eminem made “Killshot”.

Although tension between the two rappers date back to 2012, it was only after Kamikaze that their feud gotten worse. Their diss tracks against each other have generated a lot of talk online, but keen-eyed fans and observes have begun to speculate that their “feud” may actually be staged. A screenshot of MGK’s ‘Rap Devil” track on SoundCloud appeared to show the track was uploaded online six months ago. People have also realized that the two artists are signed to the same label, Interscope.