Leia Pierce was devastated when she found out that her 9-year old son, James Myles had taken his own life last week. The boy had recently come out as gay to his mother and had also only started the fourth grade in Colorado, USA. His mother believes that bullying was a factor to his son’s suicide as she told CNN, "The same kids who picked on him last year were even meaner to him once he came out and said he was gay”.

Several prominent celebrities including those of the LGBT community have paid tribute to the boy. Actress Ellen Page, singers Kehlani, Hayley Kiyoko, and many others have made public statements mourning the loss of James Myles and condemning the act of bullying especially against the LGBT. Read the tweets below.

According to a study in 2016, kids under 12 who died by suicide were more likely to be diagnosed with major mental health issues when they grow up. The study also says that these kids were also more likely to form attention-deficit disorder and are more susceptible to impulsively respond to their own problems. Although medical professionals think that suicide is a teenage problem, they said it can also happen to Elementary School-aged children.