Check out Lorde’s hilarious wardrobe malfunctionImage Source:

Over the weekend, Lorde headlined Splendour in the Grass, a popular music festival in Australia. The New Zealand singer’s performance was going well until an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction struck her.

“This is historically a very dancey night which I am happy about, but I want to show you something crazy that just happened to me,” an embarrassed Lorde explained to the audience. “My Shirt has become disconnected from my body!” Lorde took off her jacket revealing a bare back as the strap of the shirt in front of her comes apart.

“Will you give me a second to fix this and I’ll run back?” She asked the audience. “This is crazy, talk among yourself” as she runs backstage to get her wardrobe secured. After a few minutes, the Green Light singer made her way back and continued her set.