selena hack

21 year old Susan Atrach of New Jersey is a huge Selena Gomez fan. But her extreme fandom for the Come and Get It singer might land her in jail real soon as she had just been charged for hacking into the singer’s email accounts.

Back in June 2015, Susan managed to hack into Selena Gomez’ personal email accounts, including her iCloud and Yahoo Mail, by answering security questions that were based on information “that could be found online”. According to The Los Angeles Times, Susan logged into the account for almost a year until February 2016.

Sources familiar with the investigation said that Susan most likely read messages and saw pictures, but she “did not make any money off” what she saw by sharing information to paying publications. She did however grab a couple of private media and shared them to friends online.

Susan is now facing 11 felony charges including identity theft, accessing and using computer data to commit fraud, and one count of accessing computer data without permission. With these charges, the Selena Gomez fan could be facing 9 years and 8 months in prison.