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The FIFA World Cup is one of the most awaited sports event across the globe. In fact, according to World Atlas, football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world – with over 4 billion fans. FIFA World Cup happens every four years and there have been 20 world cups so far, excluding the 2018 world cup. Various stars have emerged from the spotlight and are merited with global fame and recognition. Superstars like Lionel Messi (Argentina), Cristiano Ronaldo(Portugal), etcetera are among the most sought-to players during the momentous football cup.

The most world cup title holder is Brazil with five(5), followed by Germany and Italy both with four(4), then Argentina and Uruguay with two(2) titles.

In 2010, Spain won their first world cup when they defeated Netherlands in the finals. But in the 2018 world cup, the aspiring team fell during the quarter finals against Russia and was forced to make an early exit from the tournament.  

During the 2014 FIFA world cup, Germany, closed the FIFA World cup with their triumphant match against Argentina during the finals. It was a great finish for the German fans all over the world since it was in 1990 FIFA World Cup when Germany last acquired the title.

But the defending champions were baffled when they were eliminated even during the first stage of the competition. Their elimination occurred following their overwhelming 2 – 0 defeat against the Korean Republic.

Argentinian fans were also left with disappointment after Argentina, with their superstar Lionel Messi, made an exit when they were outscored by France 4 – 3 during the quarterfinals.

Portugal football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo followed the unfortunate fate of Messi after Portugal’s defeat over Uruguay.

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr., currently one of Brazil’s most famous football star, also met the disastrous end following their setback against Belgium in the quarter finals.

The cup is currently entering its final stages with two (2) semi-final matches (France v Belgium, Croatia v England) which will eventually lead to the final match.   

Spain, Germany, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil – the teams who were expected to dominate the world cup stage – were surprisingly eliminated from the tournament in an awkward position. It was disappointing and almost shameful for the fans of the respective teams considering the fate of their betted team. Many fans have already purchased a ticket to the final match only to watch other teams vying for the title.

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