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The Incredibles back in 2004 was one Pixar’s pride that also received an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in the same year. And after the long 14 years of waiting, kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy this family animated movie of the year.

It’s going to be an incredible season as our favorite family of superheroes is finally back with a movie sequel. Of course, that movie will start from where the first movie left us off, the battle and defeating the Underminer. Then problem arises when the authorities became concerned of the level of damage caused by superhero-villain fights incidents so they forced the supers across the world to permanently adhere to their secret identities.

Helen Parr or Elastic girl, as the least destructive among the supers agrees to take the stunt of openly fighting crime in the city for regaining the support of the general public to supers. While Bob Parr or Mr. Incredible takes care of Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack in their new home as Helen is away.

The making of the movie became extra special when the artists’ made an extra effort by going on a research trip to Palm Springs to get inspiration for the mid-century look to be made right. Moreover, they also shared that it took them half the time in making this sequel which was only two years compared to the predecessor. In addition, they are six (6) new superhero characters that will be joining the family which will be introduced well in the movie.

The movie has been receiving positive feedbacks recently, mostly saying that they are having high expectations for the sequel as they hope it could level up with the first movie, and fortunately it didn’t disappoint them. “Somehow it all works, seamlessly; in returning writer-director Brad Bird’s witty, engrossing and visually stunning adventure” Michael O’Sullivan of Washington Post thoughts about the movie.