Harvey Weinstein believes that Hollywood will forgive himImage Source: indiatimes

Harvey Weinstein is currently in a rehab in Arizona seeking treatment for his sex addiction. Last year, numerous women came out and accused the Hollywood producer of sexual misconduct over the years. Weinstein has “unequivocally denied” all claims, but is being investigated by police over the allegations.

English journalist Piers Morgan, talking with GQ Magazine, said interviewed Weinstein over the phone for an hour. Morgan said that “Harvey believes he’ll be forgiven”.

“He’s a fascinating character. The apocalyptic symptom of the whole thing – the casting couch finally brought to judgement. I can’t express the same level of shock as some people in Hollywood. Listen, this has been the system since Hollywood existed.

“It’s been a moral cesspit since the Twenties, and the idea that Harvey Weinstein is the only villain? Do me a favour. Look at Mel Gibson: ultimately Harvey believes he will be forgiven.

Mel Gibson sparked a lot of controversy in his career. After a DUI and anti-Semitic comments in 2006, Gibson still enjoyed success, even recently as he was awarded as Best Director nomination at the Oscars for his movie, Hacksaw Ridge.