Marvel Infinity StonesImage Source: screenrant

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are at least six infinity stones scattered throughout the galaxy. These stones contain the powerful elements that made up the universe, and whoever can posess all of them can gain an unimaginable immense power. In the MCU, Thanos wants to collect all of them to rule the world and the Avengers don’t know that he’s coming. Throughout the Marvel films, we have been shown how powerful each of the stones are. Imagine if Thanos gets a hold of all of them together.

Let’s get to know more about these stones, find out what they do and who currently hold them.

Space Stone (blue)

We are first shown the Space Stone (housed in the glowing blue box that is the Tesseract) during the post-credit scene in Thor. It got featured in the next film, Captain America: The First Avenger where the villain Red Skull had it in his posession and used it to power Hydra weapons during World War II. Long story short, the space stone fell to the ocean and was discovered by Howard Stark, (Tony Stark’s father) who kept it at SHIELD headquarters for research. and in 2012 (The Avengers), Loki stole it and used it to open a portal on earth and allowed an army of Chitauri to pass through and help Loki destroy New York. Long story short, the Avengers defeat Loki and Thor took the Tesseract that housed the space stone to Asgaard for safekeeping. But after the events in Thor: Ragnarok, we see that Loki had the Space Stone back into his posession and is probably on the ark with Loki.

What does the Space Stone do? It can open portals to any universe. This will allow the person who holds it the power to be anywhere around the universe.

Mind Stone (yellow)

We are first shown the Mind Stone during 2012’s The Avengers. Loki had the mind stone inside his scepter and used it to control the minds of people like Hawkeye. Eventually, Loki was captured and the sceptre was taken to SHIELD for research. However, somebody stole it from SHIELD and gave it to Hydra who used it to experiment on Sokovian people like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The Avengers took the scepter back. In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark had a vision of the world being destroyed. So he created a computer program called Ultron to help save the world. But due to the power of the scepter, Ultron was given sentience and was convinced that the world can become better if it was to be annihilated first. Ultron was just a computer program running amok the internet, so he planned to make an indestructible body (made of vibranium) and use the scepter to power it. But the Avengers got to the body first and turned it into Vision. The scepter broke and revealed the Mind Stone that was inside of it all along. The Mind stone is now lodged on Vision’s forehead.

What does the Mind Stone do? It can manipulate the mind of anyone.

Reality Stone (red)

The Reality Stone was first shown in Thor: The Dark World. It is represented as floating red goo and was used by the Dark Elf Malekith as a weapon called the Aether. it is said to be able to destroy the Nine Realms and return the universe to its pre-Big Bang state. Long story short, Thor defeated Malekith and was able to contain the liquid aether which turned into the reality stone. Thor gave the stone to The Collector for safekeeping in a place we do not know yet.

What does the Reality Stone do? As we have seen used in the Aether, when bonded with a host, the reality stone can turn anything into dark matter, and is capable of sucking the life force out of humans and other mortals.

Power Stone (purple)

The Power Stone is contained within an orb that Ronan the Accuser seeks to find for Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.  In the film, Ronan betrayed Thanos and used the power stone for himself. Things did not go well and Star Lord (Peter Quill) with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, killed Ronan by directing the stone’s energy into him. Star Lord got a hold of the Power Stone and entrusted it to the galactic military Nova Corps for safekeeping.

What does the Power Stone do? It is capable of destroying entire civilizations, and Ronan tried to use it to destroy the planet Xandar.

Time Stone (green)

The Time Stone first appeared in Doctor Strange. It was encased in the Eye of Agamotto by Earth's first sorcerer, Agamotto. A Master of the Mystic Arts can use the Stone to alter and manipulate time. Thousands of years later, in Doctor Stephen Strange learns to use it save the Earth from Dormammu by trapping the demon in a time loop until he abandons his plans for Earth.  Doctor Strange also used it to reverse time in Hong Kong when the city was destroyed. In the end of the movie, Doctor Strange placed the Eye of Agamotto back on the pedestal, under the custody of the Masters of the Mystic Arts in Kamar-Taj, Nepal.

What does the Time Stone do? The Time Stone can create time loops and can alter and manipulate time.

Soul Stone (orange)

This is the final Infinity Stone that has yet to appear in the MCU. What it does in the comics is that it can steal, control, and alter the souls of the living and the dead. It might even be able to control all life in the universe if the films behave like the comics do. Nobody in the MCU has possession of the Soul Stone. Yet. But we are most probably gonna see it in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.