TJ Miller false bomb threatImage Source: rawstory

Actor comedian TJ Miller plays Weasel in Deadpool and in the upcoming sequel Deadpool 2. Miller also voiced Fred in the Disney superhero animated film Big Hero 6 and Gene, a meh emoji with different expressions in the animated movie The Emoji Movie.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Miller was arrested yesterday at LaGuardia Airport in New York after he made a call to 911 and falsely reporting a bomb threat on a train he was on.

Miller claimed that a female passenger “had a bomb in her bag”. He noticed that the woman “kept checking her bag and seemed to want to get off the train and leave her bag behind”. It is alleged that Miller was involved in a heated argument with a female passenger on a train prior to his 911 call.

The complaint alleges that Miller relayed a false bomb threat that resulted in a train evacuation because he was alleged motivated by a grudge against the woman involved.