Stranger Things montauk lawsuitImage Source: nerdist

Charlie Kessler is a filmmaker. He produced a short film called Montauk in 2012. The short film uses found footage to tell a story about paranormal phenomena in the vicinity of a government facility. Two years later, he and his agents met with the Duffer Brothers and pitched an idea of turning the film into a full series.

However, as TMZ reports, “the idea seemed to die right there”. But Kessler was “shocked” when two years later, the Duffer Brothers released their own series called ‘Stranger Things’ which had a similar premise to Montauk.

Kessler is looking to sue the Duffer bros for “ripping off his concept”, claiming that Stranger Things and Montauk share a common plot involving top secret government experiments. Kessler is also seeking monetary compensation and “destruction of all materials that were allegedly ripped off from his concept”.