Francisco Balagtas birthdayImage Source: BayaningFilipino

Today Google pays tribute to Francisco Balagtas, one of the greatest Filipino writers who ever lived, the poet responsible for the literary masterpiece ‘Florante at Laura’.

For his 230th birthday, Balagtas’ is remembered in a form of a Google Doodle illustrated in six panels. The first panel features a profile of Balagtas writing his epic with the distinct laurel wreath around his head. The next five panels are illustrated still images from scenes in his most famous work, “Florante at Laura”, a story of love and determination.

Francisco Balagtas was born in the town of Bigaa, Bulacan on April 2, 1788. When he was about 50 years old, Balagtas moved to Orion, Bataan where he resided until he died at the age of 74 in 1862.

Balagtas learned to write poetry under the guidance of Jose de la Cruz, also known as “Huseng Sisiw”, the man believed to be responsible for writing “Ibong Adarna”.

Today is declared a special non-working holiday in Bataan, in celebration of the life and works of the Filipino literary genius.