sting and shaggy

Last month, pop singer Lorde whose Homemade Dynamite is a Weekly Top 20 hit this week, wasn’t asked to perform solo at the Grammy Awards, even though she was nominated for Album of the Year.

Meanwhile former Police frontman Sting and dancehall reggae star Shaggy were invited to perform, even though both of didn’t have any significant music in the past year.

According to a new report, both Sting and Shaggy would have given up their spot on the stage to give Lorde a performance she deserved.

"That really surprised me, that an artist who was up for (album) of the year didn't get a slot and I can't quite understand why that would have happened, but of course we didn't know that. If she'd told us that, we would have said, 'Please take our spot, we don't need it," said Sting.

Meanwhile Shaggy said that he was sitting with Lorde at the pre-Grammys party but "had no idea" she hadn't been asked to perform solo.

"I knew she was up for (album) of the year. I just thought (letting her perform solo) would have been the natural thing to do, but we didn't know. They just invited us to sing and we came and did our thing and took the opportunity to do our new song."

Sting and Shaggy will be releasing a collaborative album this year. Sting said the Grammy’s invited them to perform one of their songs. "They just threw us on there," Sting said.