MGMT is an American indie rock band popularly known for their 2008 pop hits Kids and Electric Feel. This year they return with a darker synth pop album called Little Dark Age released just this week. The most recent single off the album is ‘Me and Michael’, a song the band claims they “stole” from the Philippine rock band True Faith.

In the accompanying music video ‘Me and Michael’ the band released this morning, we witness MGMT’s rise and fall after stealing music from the Philippines. The video starts with bandmates Ben and Andrew discovering the song ‘Ako at si Michael’ on the internet. They stole the song, recreated it and got famous. When somebody found out that they stole the song, there was backlash and the band lost their money and fame. Towards the end of the video, Ben and Andrew wrote a heartfelt apology in Tagalog and sent the note via message in a bottle. True Faith frontman Medwin Marfil discovered the bottle floating off the bay of Manila and read it, “Ikinalulungkot namin ang pagkuha ni Michael”(‘We’re sorry for taking Michael”). Medwin then sent the band T-shirts and replied with “Michael doesn’t belong to anyone’.

Watch the music videos below.