greatest hologram performances ever

Last weekend there has been buzz around Justin Timberlake planning to revive Prince via hologram during his halftime performance at the Super Bowl. Prince fans were then quick to point out that the Purple One wasn’t a big fan of these “demonic” technology. But that didn’t stop other dead artists from coming back to life via hologram. Here are the best examples!

Elvis Presley

In 2007, the King of Rock and Roll came back to life and joined Celine Dion on American Idol. It was the first hologram performance of a musician who has already been long dead. The reaction to this hologram treat was positive, with people pointing out how realistic it was and that one could even see Elvis sweat.

Janelle Monae & M.I.A.

These two great artists thankfully aren’t dead yet, but there was a time in 2014 that they couldn’t perform together on the same stage. Unless they have hologram. And that’s exactly what they did. M.I.A. and Janelle Monae had a joint performance from separate stages in New York and Los Angeles and both artists appeared as multiplied images of themselves at each stage.

Michael Jackson

No words. I’m speechless.


Back in 2012 during the Coachella music festival, everyone was surprised to see Tupac come back to life right in front of their eyes. His hologram performance set the standard for other hologram performances. People’s minds were blown when the late Tupac gave the crowd at Coachella a live shoutout. It was during this performance when people started to question the appropriateness of getting late artists back to life just to perform onstage. In short, Tupac’s hologram performance was an experience to behold.