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Back in June 2016, legendary guitarist Eric Clapton (Tears in Heaven), revealed to the world that he is suffering from peripheral neuropathy, a condition that results when nerves that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord from and to the rest of the body are damaged.

That year Clapton said, “I’ve had quite a lot of pain. It started with lower back pain, and turned into what they call peripheral neuropathy – which is where you feel like you have electric shocks going down your leg.

He continued, “[It’s] hard work to play the guitar and I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it will not improve”.

In a new interview (with BBC Radio 2), Eric Clapton announced that he will be performing a few gigs this year. That means his guitar abilities have improved. However, he admitted that he is going deaf.

Clapton said, “I’m still going to work, I’m doing a few gigs, I’m doing a show in Hyde Park in July. You know the only thing I’m concerned with now is being in my 70s and being able to be proficient.

The 72 year old musician continued, “I mean, I’m going deaf, I’ve got Tinnitus, my hands just about work. I mean, I’m hoping that people will come along and see me just because, well maybe more than, I’m a curiosity, you know what I mean. I know that is part of it, because it’s amazing to myself that I’m still here.