kadaugan sa mactan

Celebrate victory will a feast of gastronomic goodness!

This time around, Mactan Island is celebrating the annual Kadaugan sa Mactan festivities. For those that don't know, this annual event is not just the re-enactment of the historical facts and figures as recorded, but also the relevance and what it means today about the event to the present predicament of the people, especially among the locals and Filipinos in general. So expect a series of street parties, concerts and the whatnot happening for the whole duration of this season. Cool huh?

Now here's the fun part, there is a food festival where people can enjoy local food, drinks, sweets...you name it! Come to the Mactan Shrine starting 6pm until April 26th and enjoy food while watching live performances by local acts. This is also a food expo of established and up and coming hotels such as Crimson Resort, Shangrila Hotel and Spa Mactan, Movenpick Hotel, and B.E. Resorts Mactan among many others. So if you want a taste of what these hotels have to offer, this is a chance to do so! This is best enjoyed with friends and whats more- you can drink some beer to go with the food you're sampling!

I especially enjoyed the pasta from the Hola Espana food booth for P80 each as well as the generous serving of ribs for only P90 by B.E. Resorts. There are also multiple lechon stalls too so if you're craving for the classic favorite, there are many options to choose from!

Aside from local cuisine, you can find food from other Asian countries, such as Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese among others. Of course, influences from Western and European countries are obviously visible, such as spaghetti, stakes, sausages...just come through because you're definitely missing out if you're not!

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