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We leave behind some memories, trends, and experiences that we couldn’t recreate. That’s why we get easily nostalgic about all these fun things we used to have and do.

This week, our social media followers were asked to name “one thing from your childhood that kids these days wouldn’t understand”. We received 250+ comments from all of you; answers ranging from toys to outdoor games, to gadgets to toys.

One of the most popular answers is “shatong”, an outdoor children’s game made of sticks. The goal is to hit a smaller stick with a bigger stick. The opposing team must catch the smaller stick in the air after it’s been catapulted upwards.

Another popular answer is “luthang”, a bamboo gun kids used to make back in the day. Filipino kids, especially in the rural areas, would shoot each other with wet pieces of paper that they loaded up in their makeshift luthang or bamboo guns.

There are a lot more suggestions, you can read below.