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It looks like it’s going to rain a lot this week in Cebu. And we’re not talking about the type of rain that would relax you. No. Especially when you’re stuck on the road, this week’s heavy rains, which could also potentially produce floods, will annoy the hell out of you. Thankfully, the rhythm crew has your back. Here are tips to make sure you’re alright during a traffic jam on a bad weather.

  1. Let your favorite people know where you are

If you're stuck out in the middle of a road during a traffic jam where the vehicles don’t literally move, let people know where you are. This may be your family, your work, or your local law enforcement. All three might not be a bad idea. If something goes bad and you need rescuing, at least they know where you are. Also, talking with them can ease the pain of being stuck in a traffic jam.

  1. Check your electrical systems in your car

If you're going to be stuck not moving for hours on end, save gas by turning your engine off. There are also other precautions to follow especially when the road gets flooded. Experts say to turn off your air-conditioner when driving into a flood, especially in older model cars “because they don’t have a separate clutch fan”. Floodwater could also short out the electrical parts in your vehicle. So be prepared.

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  1. Tune in to Y101FM

We know that being stuck in a hopeless traffic jam during rush hour can be so stressful. That is why Y101FM exists to keep your blues away. Tune in to 101.1 on your car radio or listen to an audio stream via our Y101FM App (available on both Android and iOS). The rhythm crew will keep you company in these troubled times.   

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