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There's more to the Ship Building Capital of the Philippines!

To give you a short background, the Municipality of Balamban started as a Spanish-run pueblo or town which also comprised of Tuburan and Asturias. In the 1870s, it is said that the first name of Balamban was balang-balang a term used to refer to the linked arms of natives that served as an improvised seat to carry Spaniards while crossing the river. This term was then shortened to bang-bang and eventually became Balamban.

So what's to love about Balamban? We give you some quick facts!

Food: Balamban Liempo

You know the popular food stall that sells the famous liempo? Balamban has been know for its exceptional take in the famous grilled belly with a secret recipe that's been famous not just around Cebu but across the Philippines. But frankly, you get an even more authentic taste when you actually visit the municipality.

Ecotourism Destinations

Balamban has recently become home to several ecotourism resorts and adventure establishments. You can go camping, go on a zip-line, choose adventure packages or unwind at Carancho, West35 Eco Mountain Resort or at the Adventure Cafe.

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Shipping Building Industry

Balamban has grown into an industrial municipality, thanks to the huge shipbuilding industry that is located in Buanoy. Buanoy is a known barangay for it is the location of the well-renowned Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, the ship-making company that gave the title Ship Building Capital of the Philippines to Balamban.

Historical Spots

The Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool is also one of the top destinations in Balamban. It boasts of an Olympic-sized flowing swimming pool that is chlorine and chemical-free. Barangay Magsaysay is also famous for Mount Manunggal, the mountain where the presidential plane of the late President Ramon Magsaysay crashed in March 17, 1957. The St. Francis of Assisi Church & Convent is located at Barangay Poblacion and it recently underwent renovation that made it an even more a stand-out structure in Balamban. To witness its beauty, go to the Market of Balamban, which is just right across St. Francis of Assisi Church.

So have you visited Balamban yet? What are your favorite things to do or places to go?

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