Gaisano Country Mall

Gaisano Country Mall used to be the biggest and grandest mall in Cebu.

Gaisano malls are located in various parts of Cebu. Three of which are in Colon Street. Aside from Colon’s Gaisano Metro, the other popular Gaisano shopping mall is the Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad, Mandaue City.

This shopping mall is shaped like a Spanish villa and was built around the early 90’s. It has become a staunch landmark for Banilad. With the rising competition of super malls, some would say it has seen better days, but this mall has a lot of good stuff under its sleeves.

Popular for budget-friendly choices, the growing trend of student visitors encouraged the mall to open quirky food brands along with the more popular and bigger fast food chains like Jollibee.

Gaisano Country Mall is also known to be an economical choice for consumers. Most stores and products there are actually cheaper, compared to the super-malls. The ticket prices in the Movie Cineplex are cheaper! That means you can enjoy widescreen entertainment for a lower price. A Gaisano Bowling complex is also located at the back of the mall.


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Gaisano Country Mall is good place to travel back in time!

Gaisano Country Mall is located in Banilad Road, Cebu City. It is also where Y101’s station is located – right on the second floor! See ya if you wanna drop by!

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