2016 10 23 all souls day cebus best

This season isn't just only about the anticipation of the Halloween festivities.

Every November 1st, it is tradition to spend time with the family at where your departed loved ones have been laid to rest. If you're new around here, expect people flocking to cemeteries and flower vendors. Since we are living in a predominantly Christian country, this is a time where parents teach younger ones on how to be devout Christians as well as a time for strong family ties.

To know more about Cebu, you should also get to know how we celebrate this yearly tradition:

We offer prayers and masses.
Some choose to forgo going on November 1 or even go the day before to beat crowded cemeteries. If some don't get the chance to go, they offer prayers and masses to their departed loved ones.

We love going to Freedom Park- it's a fun experience!
Since honoring the dead calls for giving flowers, Freedom Park by the Carbon Market is the place to go every year for flower arrangements or for individual types of flowers. In our family, we arrange the flowers ourselves and place them in recycled bottles and cans.

We remember the good times when the family was complete.
Setting up mats or tents, preparing food to eat as well as sneaking in some drinks is also part of the yearly tradition. While offering flowers and candles, we're also offering our merry time with our loved ones watching over us. Some chat, sing and play games while making sure they're not too loud or getting the area dirty.

Most importantly, we celebrate life.
Our loved ones who have moved to to the afterlife will surely appreciate the fact that we chose to live our lives to the fullest. Remember that All-Souls Day isn't to be celebrated once a year but all year-round.

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