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Here's something for our nocturnal folks!

I stumbled upon an article that listed where to eat while Manila is asleep and this post has inspired me to make a Cebuano version! While we love the convenience of fast food, we can't get enough of home-grown goodness too! I've asked friends their favorite places to go and I've categorized the list according to location so let's dig in on these midnight eats:

Fuente Osmeña Area
This area is pretty much busy at night especially when hospitals are nearby. You can indulge in the famous Larsian BBQ food stalls or some food carts nearby that serve fried chicken, porkchop or ginabot with a bottle of soft drink to hit the spot. And along the road behind the old police station, there's the famous Siomai sa Tisa mini eatery too! I find that they taste best after midnight because their chilli sauce has been freshly made.

Home of the famous Siomai sa Tisa! You can find several eateries that operate till the wee hours so expect that there are going to be several stores who sell some good 'ol siomai and puso! Porkchop, larang, bbq, steamed rice and batchoy...Tisa at night is a worthwhile spot to conclude your night of binge drinking.

All Over Cebu: Silogan and Sinangag Establishments
Breakfast always tastes good any time of the day...or night! Silog means any meal that comes with eggs and garlic rice so there's baconsilog (bacon), tapsilog (pork or beef jerky), bangsilog (bangus) and much much more. The Banilad to Talamban strip has up to five silog and sinangag establishments so this part of town is your best bet if you haven't seen any of these establishments pop up in your area!

I.T. Park Cebu
I.T. Park is the home to outsourcing companies here in Cebu and it's pretty much given that I.T. Park never sleeps. Aside from work, there are drinking and dining establishments to enjoy any time of the day. There are several dining establishments that operate 24 hours but you can also go behind the Teleperformance building and you will be led to the Apas road that has several food carts and karenderyas that serve classic Filipino food, ginabot and bbq.

I'm sure I haven't covered everything yet so I want to hear from you! Where's your favorite place to eat while Cebu is asleep?

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