Survive Cebu's Traffic

The Queen City of the South's traffic situation is getting worse and Waze has named Cebu as being worse than Metro Manila traffic (although I beg to differ). Back in college the dreaded route during rush hour was the Banilad to Talamban area. Since I live in Labangon, I allocate my travel time to one hour. Today some attest to traveling up to two hours. Now the traffic in Escario, JY, Minglanilla and even notable provinces such as Carcar and Naga have the worst traffic that makes you want to pull your hair out. And don't get me started on the route from any of the Mactan bridges going to Mandaue City.

Even so, I still love Cebu and it's a beautiful place to live. For those who have just got here or who want to ditch cab rides, I have some tips for you to survive your journey:

Listen to music.
Or your favorite radio station! *wink. Jiggy in the Morning is a favorite companion especially when you're already ready to axe every car around you because of the bumper to bumper traffic situation.

Catch up on some sleep!
My favorite thing to do! I have a flexible work schedule and although I want to come in late so that I can wake up late, jeepneys are already full by 7:30am. So I suck it up and just resolve to finish sleep as I travel to work. Just be careful though- be mindful of your belongings and your route! You might wake up and realize that you're already miles away from your destination.

Catch up on the news with your smartphone.
Of course, proceed with caution! Hide your phone inside your bag while you're scrolling through your Facebook feed, news sites and of course, this website. *double wink.

Have a commute buddy.
If your office mate has the same route as you, make him or her your buddy! You won't get bored as the two of you can chat while surviving the heat, the tight spaces and slow traffic flow. This also encourages you to come to work on time as well especially if you have a hard time getting to work on time.

Soul Search.
Well, hold back the tears because you're in public. Sometimes your commute is a good time to get lost in your thoughts before you start work and before you wind down to end your day.

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